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If you are one of the unlucky iFolks who experience problems charging your iPhone, iPad, or other iDevice using your lightning cable, you are not alone.

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There are a number of reasons why your iPhone might be having issues with charging.

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Apple made headlines recently when it sued an Amazon seller over fake Lightning cables.High-performance USB cables with Lightning, USB-C and switch-tip connectors to charge all your USB devices.

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According to the lawsuit filed by Apple, the company spent the last nine months buying iPhone cables.You can set the position of the knot by sliding it along the cable.Find best value and selection for your OEM Sync USB Data Charging Cable Charger Cord For Apple iPhone 5 S 6 7 8 X Plus search on eBay.

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When your Iphone does not charge with any usb port, the problem could be located in the cable or in your Iphone (assuming not all usb ports are broken).This wikiHow teaches you how to use a non-Apple iPhone charger to charge your iPhone.

Compare models, find more iPhone power and iPhone cable accessories and shop online.

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Plug the USB 2.0 end into any wall adapter, computer, portable charger, or multi-port USB charger to charge your device.Worst case, they should be able to sell you a service part charger, which is basically just the brick -> laptop piece, not the piece that plugs into the wall (Duckhead, or longer cord) for about 15-20$ less than a charger usually costs in store.Charge both your Apple Watch and iPhone with one tethered AC cable DUAL CHARGING Two integrated chargers within the dock provide simultaneous charging: a built-in Magnetic Charging Module specifically designed for your Apple Watch, and an adjustable Lightning connector for the iPhone that allows you to charge without removing the case.

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The original iPhone was released in 2007, and all future models had the same charging port as the original until the.These wireless chargers employ the Qi standard to juice your phone up without you having to plug in a cable.As per uncompromised safety, fast charging and syncing capability, these are the best iPhone and iPad Lightning cables.

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Not only do you have to find one, you have to find the right one, and.You likely use your phone to send text messages, listen to music, and play games on a daily basis, to name just a few.Apple says that by using fast charging, your iPhone can charge up to.

While the original Apple Watch has a 2-meter charging cable in the box, Apple says new Apple Watch Series 2 and Series 1 models come with a shorter 1-meter charging cable in the box.

Currently, iPhone users need a lightning cable to charge their phones.

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Apple may cut the (charging) cord completely with the iPhone 8 While Apple may not rush immediately into Wi-Fi wireless charging, it could go all in when it does.

According to reddit user bedell37, a little tinkering around the Lightning port with a toothpick should do the trick, and get your iPhone to charge again.

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