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Made in collaboration with Adidas, these in-ear headphones are specifically made to be used with sports and exercise activities in mind.Sennheiser Sports Earbud Headphones available today at

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The Bluetooth headphones come with a lightweight, splash- and.Each Sennheiser SPORTS LINE headphone is equipped with advanced technology to ensure perfect fit even during your toughest sports sessions.

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The PMX80 Sport II headphones from Sennheiser combines the comfortable and safe vertical in ear design with a sleek and stable neckband for an excellent.Wireless headphones eliminate cord clutter altogether by connecting to your iPod or MP3 player via Bluetooth, which is a great feature to look for in running headphones.Sennheiser headphones sound exceptionally good at low and me-dium volume levels.

But enter the legendary Sennheiser, and you might be in for a nice surprise.

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This also ensures a high attenuation of ambient noise, letting you enjoy your music during your workout.The CX SPORT brings joy to any activity with brilliant, high quality sound in motion.The Sennheiser CX Sport portable Bluetooth wireless sports earphones have an isolating ear-insert design.The Sennheiser MX 686G Sport earphones pack some serious bass and a secure fit, but the overall sound signature could use a bit more treble presence.

Audio manufacturer Sennheiser and sporting goods giant Adidas have collaborated on a new line of athletics-oriented headphones.Buy Sennheiser Sports Earbud Headphones securely online today at a great price.

It has become a necessity to stay fit and healthy in order to keep up with the changing times so more and more people are enrolling at the.When it comes to sound signature, Sennheiser aims to have none.


The best Sennheiser headphones are the HD 820 When it comes to high-end headphones, the Sennheiser HD 820 is the end all, be all.These headphones have a wired design so they suffer in range but have practically no latency, making them suitable for both gaming and watching movies.

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